The Croatian coastline is typically Mediterranean. Warm and mild. The sailing season begins in Croatia around mid-March: Warm, dry weather makes it a great time to go sailing in calm and untouched bays.

Around mid or late May, the southern Dalmatian coastline is warm enough with approx. 20° Celsius. The sea is warm enough for swimming. Peak season is July and August. These two months are the busiest for tourists in the Adriatic and a great time to sail in Croatia. The temperature can rise to 30° Celsius. Sailing in coastal breezes is a pleasure. May, June, September and October are the less crowded months with milder temperatures. These months are a good to discover Istria and the National Parks on the many islands.

About The Location

April - May: occasional showers, temperatures from 22 - 28 C. Winds generally NW F3 - 4 (10 - 20 Knots, sometimes up to 25 Knots).

June - August – sunny, blue skies every day, temperature from 26 - 30 C. Winds generally NW F3 - 4 (10 - 20 Knots).

September - October: occasional showers (rain possible in late October). Winds like in the high-sean, but can be stronger in October (up to F 5-6).