Reiseziel Italien

The Italian coastal areas mainly have a Mediterranean climate.

The eastern coastline has a slightly cooler climate than the western coastline. Including Sicily, the western coastline has mild and moderately rainy winters and hot and sunny summers.

The sailing season begins in Italy around mid-March: Warm, dry weather makes it a great time to go sailing in calm and untouched bays and sail around the plenty islands. Around mid or late May the water warms up to approx. 20° Celsius. The sea is warm enough for swimming. Peak season is July and August.


April – May: occasional showers, temperatures from 22-28°C. Winds prevailing NW F3 – 4 (10 – 12 Knots).

June – August: hot and dry summer, temperature from 26 – 30°C. Wind strength is 20 – 25 knots, very rarely more.

Sept – October: occasional showers (rain possible in late Oct). Winds generally NW F3 – 4 (9 – 11 Knots).